CHANEL nro.509

Niin kun olen aiemminkin sanonut, olen harmaata viljellyt niin kotiini kuin sisustukseenikin. Käytän harmaata myös iltameikissä, ja nyt myös kynsissä. CHANELIN nro. 509 Paradoxal on savunharmaa kynsilakka, jossa on ripaus violettia. Panostus parempiin kynsilakkoihin kannattaa, sillä ne pysyvät kynsissä kauemmin, mikä on tällaiselle touhukkaalle tärkeää. Lakan hienostunut sävy saa kynnet näyttämään pidemiltä ja hyvinhoidetuilta.

Like I have earlier mentioned I have put different kind of shades of grey to my interior and also i wear a lot of grey nowadays. If I go out in the evening I put dark grey eyeshadows and currently I have polished my nails with CHANEL nail polish n. 509 Paradoxal. I would say that the shade would be quite smoky but there is also a glimpse of violet on it. When it comes to makeup and beauty products I usually like to buy products with good quality. Especially because I´m quite a handy man and doing different kind of things all the time I like that the nail polish stays on my nails. The sophisticated shade of the nail polish gives you the impression that your nails are longer and your hands and nails are well cared for.

And like you see from now on I´m also writing in English. I have noticed from my blog statistics that I have many readers abroad. From now on you will be able also read not only look the pictures :)

And Jenny, I will translate The Apple Pie recipe for you soon!


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